Smoked Blood Tofu

This is a classic Zhangjiajie dish. It is a mix of tofu, pork, pork blood and some seasonings such as pepper, chili, and salt. The mix is made into chunks and then smoked for over a month. It is delicious to have all flavors of tofu, bacon pork, and blood.

In the past, this dish can only be eaten during Chinese New Year Festival. Now, it has become part of local people’s daily cuisine and a must-try dish when you visit Zhangjiajie.

Chinese: 血豆腐xiě dòu fu
Recommended restaurant: Hetianxia Ecological Restaurant (禾田下生态餐厅)
Address: Guanliping Street, Huatian Cheng, Yongding District 永定区官黎坪街道华天城金街

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