January Newsletter

January Newsletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 and the CHINESE NEW YEAR of the Pig is almost with us!! If you think your life is jam packed, think again……We have been busy!!!! As more and more of you have been signing up (over 3,900 so far) 8 amazing runsites have been approved and signed off with more to come. So read below and see how your event is coming on.

Pan Asia events are made special by the runs, the souvenirs, the stage extravaganzas, the food, the venues, meeting hashers from all corners of the globe for a Friday-Saturday-Sunday get together BUT ALSO Pan Asia is made special by it’s Pre & Post events.

Before the main event even begins there is a great Pre Lube already being organised by China’s famous ‘Xian Hash House Harriers’. It’s an amazing mish mash of top notch hashing, awesome run sites with culural marvels, colda beer of course, an array of food choices and even a train….and did we mention cold beer, oh yes we did! For more information on this event visit the ‘Pre Lube’ section on our website http://www.panasiahash2019.com/prelube

OK, before we talk about the main event let’s jump ahead and look at the Post Lube which starts the day after the main event. The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and a River Cruise! That’s even before we include amazing run sites in and around Shanghai. For more info on this unique event click http://www.panasiahash2019.com/postlube

These events are selling like hotcakes, so be sure and sign up soon!

So, have we got your attention yet?
Ok then, let’s talk about the 2019 Pan Asia event itself.

You will all be happy to know both the local and national Government gives it’s full support to our event and they are looking forward to welcome all you lovely hashers to the joys of hashing in China. Those Government chaps are letting us hash at their geological parks, World Heretige sites and National Parks. What more can you ask for!


  • 3.927 registrations @31st Jan 19
  • 527 HHH chapters represeented
  • 47 On-board Committee names
  • 46 Nationalities registered


Our Pan Asia Committee has a plate full of fun functions for the hashers and are anxious to entertain you and show off their marvelous hashing country during Pan Asia 2019. The main event schedule is as follows:-

  • 1st NOV 19 Pan Asia Pre Lube
  • 7th NOV 19 Red Dress Run
  • 8th NOV 19 Welcome Party
  • 9th NOV 19 Hash Runs & Grand Party
  • 10th NOV 19 Hash Runs & Farewell Party
  • 11th NOV 19 Pan Asia Post Lube

ENTERTAINMENT – With regards to the three BIG party nights. You can be sure there will be plenty of tasty local and International food, endless cold beer and soft drinks and top notch local and International type entertainment, where you all get a chance to dance your Hash booties off!

REGISTRATION – If you have not registered yet then you better make a move, as the Registration price goes up on 1st July, so register now and save money!!

SOUVENIRS We are still keeping the lid on this, but what we can tell you the shirts will have a distinctly Chinese feel about them. In our next Newsletter we hope to have a full list (and maybe some photos) of the complete Pan Asia 2019 Goody bag.

VISA For those of you requiring a Visa to enter the country we intend to update you with Visa Sponsorship before August, if not sooner.

ACCOMMODATION – To avoid price increases in hotels nearby the event, the Chinese authorities suggest that we do not mention hotel names on our website yet.
Book your hotel at the Basecamp or Venue.
The average rate is US$ 65/room/night inclusive of Breakfast (Local 5 Star Hotel).



  • We are still looking for Masters of Ceremony and extraordinary goof-balls who have the reputations/skills to entertain at our run sites on Saturday and Sunday. So where are YOU?? Please contact us ASAP if you/yours can contribute memories to so many of our hashing hounds.
  • Also, If you want to be included in the Hash Acts on Saturday night’s line-up, then drop us an e-mail. Hash acts will respect the locals, so keep it relatively clean as we don’t want you arrested and doing jail time for a few months. Nor do we want the same for the committee.


  1. So YOU can/will be THE information source for all your friends.
  2. Don’t forget to check the completeness and accuracy of your registration information in the website’s “Who’s Coming” list (with your rego ID #) to make sure you have the correct t-shirt size.

Again, please share your e-mail address with us by a direct e-mail so we can add you to our Newsletter mailing list AND/OR share your e-mail address with us by updating your registration.

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