What to Eat

Chinese chestnut tastes delicious and is rich in nutrition. It is a popular snack among Chinese people and is also often used in dishes. Stewed Chicken with Chestnuts is a typical dish in Zhangjiajie. Wulingyuan, where the Zhangjiajie National Forest

Sanxiaguo, a Zhangjiajie Classic, should be your first meal in Zhangjiajie. It is a kind of Tujia ethnic hotpot. It is so named because it was originally cooked with three ingredients together, bacon, tofu and radish. Nowadays, more ingredients are added,

You’ve probably heard of sweet and sour fish in China. Sour and salted fish is a Tujia flavor dish. In order to preserve fish in summer, Tujia people marinate the fish with salt, pepper, wine and other seasonings and then

This is a classic Zhangjiajie dish. It is a mix of tofu, pork, pork blood and some seasonings such as pepper, chili, and salt. The mix is made into chunks and then smoked for over a month. It is delicious

Tujia steamed pork belly is another dish incredibly popular with local people. It is an essential dish at a banquet. This dish is tricky and time-consuming to create. Take pork belly as raw material, cut into large slices, then steam with

Liangmian or cold noodles is a dish that can be found anywhere across Zhangjiajie. While some restaurants offer cold noodles, some of the tastiest noodles can be found in small stalls hidden in the lanes. It is a simple but delicious